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  • 20171127
     Global announcement:
    As we continue to progress towards a public launch, I've created a new community site where we'll be taking our forum discussions. This forum will remain open for posterity.

    You can register at the new forum, here:

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  • 20171121
    Hello all!

    I am back. After 6 years hiatus, I've grown nostalgic and inspired to try and kick off TreeCrafters again. This was a great little community back in 2011, and after the years of personal growth, life-hurdles jumped, and skill building, I'm ready to jump in again.

    Special thanks to Mailleweaver, Blazin, Althing, and the rest of you who stuck around for so long after I left. You guys are all awesome.

    I did get Maille's blessing to pick things up where they were left off, in case anyone is wondering.

    There is an all new website in the works for...

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  • 20150916
    I've submitted an update to the pack. It's mostly just to get the mods updated. There were a couple of notable changes, though:

    • Rice, seaweed, and cranberries can no longer be left planted on farmland; they'll pop out when they try to grow. They have to be planted on water, and you can only plant the crops, not the seeds. If you only have seeds and no crops, plant the seeds in farmland and bonemeal them to get crops, then plant the crops on water.
    • You can now plant crops instead of only seeds. This was to accommodate the changes to the above crops in Harvestcraft.

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  • 20150310
    With the upload of the latest version of our modpack (Leaf 'n' Logistics v0.3.0) I've started a new map that I expect to be the one we keep. For the sake of my sanity the new pack is more of an enhanced vanilla than anything else. There aren't any non-vanilla trees except for the Harvestcraft and Growthcraft fruit trees. Let's stick with the vanilla trees for our grandfather trees. We might add more mods later as we find a need for them.

    I've spent several hours mapping out a large area around spawn (approx 3000 x 3000) that I'd like most people to stay inside if they can. Most biomes...

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  • 20140420
    I've updated the server to the 1.1.0 version of FTB Unhinged so we can have Blazinfox555 back.  :heart:

    We do still have bukkit, but I haven't tested much of it. I just downloaded the appropriate versions of everything and copied over my existing configs.

    For some reason, it spawned me blow bedrock a couple of times when I first logged in during setup testing. If that happens to you, use the /top command.

    Using the [Edit Modpack] button in the launcher, you'll need to enable Biomes-O-Plenty and UndergroundBiomes.

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  • 20140327
    I've updated the server to the 2.1.6 version of FTB Magic Farm 2. You have to choose the 2.1.6 version from a dropdown in the launcher to play it. If you leave it set for "Recommended" then it may start up a different version and you won't be able to connect to this server.

    I'll say now: No, you can't start your tree with a giant sacred springs oak or giant redwood; and bamboo is not a tree. Stick with real trees that have a 2x2 trunk or smaller.

    There are a couple of mods disabled by reasonable request. You'll need to disable them in your pack as well.

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  • 20131225
    Aiko, Blazin, Ocean, Hidey, Shadow, Bacon, Dust, Dental, and Sarah -- wherever you are -- you've all been especially good to me these past couple of years and I've been blessed to get to know you. Your friendships have been some of the greatest gifts I've ever received, and I hope that I've returned them with friendship at least as kind, caring, and rewarding. You have made this server one of the few places that I feel...

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  • 20131201
    I've updated the server to the 1.1.7 version of FTB Unleashed. You have to choose the 1.1.7 version from a dropdown in the launcher to play it. If you leave it on "Recommended" then it will only use the 1.1.3 version.

    Also, we're going to have to start with a new map. With nobody online, the server was idling at near 100% CPU usage. That's unusable -- I couldn't even log on -- and I don't feel like putting in the effort to figure out where its problem is and how to fix it. Now with a new map, the server idles at 3%. If you want the old map for something, let me know and I'll...

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  • 20130816
    I've updated the server to the 1.1.3 version of FTB Unleashed. Apparently it's been out, but wasn't announced. You have to choose the 1.1.3 version from a dropdown in the launcher to play it. If you leave it on "Recommended" then it will only use the 1.1.2 version.
    Using the [Edit Modpack] button in the launcher, you'll need to enable the mods listed as enabled in the changelog and disable the ones listed as disabled in the changelog.
    Changelog (simple):

    • Enabled...

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  • 20130803
    I've updated the server to FTB Unleashed v1.1.1 for Minecraft 1.5.2.
    We're going back to the Tree Spirit Challenge to make things interesting and slow down our progression a bit. So brush up on the challenge rules and ask questions if you're not sure of something. I'm working on updating the server rules and general info on the forum to account for some of the curve balls that FTB throws at us.

    I'm sticking with a whitelist again since we don't have Bukkit to provide us with world protection plugins for protection against griefing. I went through the threads about the last FTB server...

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  • 20130417
    Here are links to download the old worlds.

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  • 20121009
    As you probably know, we started a new map for the release of Minecraft 1.3. The old Skylands was also replaced with a new map. The old main world still exists, though, and is available for building freely without the restrictions of the TreeSpirit Challenge. The player inventories for this freebuild world are different than those of the challenge worlds, so there's no danger of people smuggling out supplies (accidental or otherwise) to use/sell in the challenge worlds.

    You get to the Build world via a new portal that's been placed in the spawn tree; the only way to use the portal is...

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  • 20121223
    Haven't there been enough of these? I'm getting tired of them.

    I updated to 1.4.6, but some plugins don't work right.
    WorldEdit and Portalstick don't work. No telling what else is broken. I'll sort it out when I get a chance.

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  • 20120528
    We now have fast travel and Skylands all in one.
    Distances in Skylands equal ten times that distance in the overworld, similar to vanilla nether distances.
    To get to Skylands make a nether portal with diamond blocks in the top 2 corners. An Admin will have to light it like any other portal.
    Announcements XBoNI
    (The bottom two obsidian corners aren't necessary. It only needs 10 obsidian and 2 diamond blocks.)

    And to get back to the overworld after you've done your traveling, just make a regular nether portal. There's also...

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  • 20121031
    Bukkit finally put out a Beta build, so I updated the server with it. Hopefully they've worked out all of the major bugs.
    Come on in and watch your villagers die!

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  • 20120527
    The PortalStick plugin has been updated, so long-fall boots are back! Wear leather boots to prevent all fall damage. (The boots are all I have enabled in this plugin.)

    I also installed the EasyEnchant plugin. It allows you to use commands to pick your enchantments so you don't waste levels on enchants you don't want. It still requires an enchantment table. Vanilla enchanting still works normally if you don't want to mess with it.

    I updated the General...

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  • 20120425
    The server is having some issues right now. Frequent lag spikes and disconnects. I'm working on it, and will let you guys know when I get it cleared up.

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  • 20120312
    The server was unused for a few minutes today, so I took the opportunity to update some stuff.
    • Loaded a newer version of bukkit. (This should hopefully be transparent to users.)
    • Updated mcMMO. Combat skills will now advance the next time you use them.
    • Turned on mcMMO extra Abilities.
    • Got rid of the PortalStick plugin, since it's broken. I'll reload it when it gets fixed so as not to revert the config file back to default on startup.

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  • 20120310
    Come on in!

    Again, the new IP is

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  • 20120309
    I think I've gotten the new server ready to use, and I plan to open it to players tomorrow morning. (I'm in Central Time, GMT -6)
    The new IP address is

    See y'all tomorrow!

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  • 20120118
    Last night I upgraded the server to a development version of Bukkit to support Minecraft 1.1. I haven't had a chance to really test it out, and I haven't looked into updating the plugins yet. So don't be surprised if you find something not working quite right -- just let an admin know if you find anything.
    I do know that admins can not yet enchant bows like we've been doing with other tools and weapons; I expect that you can enchant them normally through an enchantment table, though. (There's a table in the market.) Also, I expect the disappearing oak sapling bug to be fixed, but again, haven't...

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  • 20111128
    One of our members, sirheavens, has brought up a question today that I thought would be fun to share (since I've already started working on the answer a bit). Are we going to have an official Texture Pack to use for this server?

    The answer, of course, is yes! Work is already being done to get a foundation for the TC Texture Pack set using PainterlyPack, and you can see the progress I've made so far in the thread linked below. Now, I'd love to ask you for help - if you want to dive in and help us get a custom Texture Pack completed for our launch in the next two weeks, you can join in...

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  • 20111214
    If you've chosen to use an Oak tree (regular tree) for the Challenge, you may be in for a little surprise the next time you log on. Unfortunately, with the upgrade to CraftBukkit 1.0.1 on the server, a new bug was introduced that causes some Oak saplings to disappear rather than grow when placed close to each other or other trees. Placing a sapling near another tree and either using bone meal or letting the sapling grow naturally may cause it to vanish, rather than actually grow.

    Mailleweaver and Syhd found this bug while working on their own tree farms, and through thorough testing...

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  • 20111209
    It's that time again, people! Welcome the newest member to join our Admin team - the very lovely Syhd! While most of you have seen her more than a few times before (she's been one of our most active members since early on), none of you have really seen her under the in-game chat tag of "Admin: " until now.

    Announcements 20-57
    Isn't she just the cutest little lady you've ever seen? :P

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  • 20111212
    Announcements 2011-12-08_052843

    How often have you been high up in your world tree, extended out on a branch and trying to place that final leaf block to complete the view, only to be blasted by that friendly creeper standing behind you and falling several stories to your death? It's frustrating, at the least, and causes depression and creeper-rage at the worst. As this has happened to all of us, I thought you might like to know about a new item we're making available on the server...

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  • 20111205
    You're all probably wondering what else we have to do before we finally launch the server. I have good news! It's right around the corner! Our Private-Beta testers have been awesome over the last few days with helping us work the kinks out, and the Admin team have been building some amazing structures around the world to get ready for the coming onslaught of excited players.

    So what's left?

    - A World Tree Museum (pulling trees from the old world and into the new for inspiration)
    - Arenas for Treef, Spleef and PVP
    - Gambling center
    - A few scattered...

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  • 20111208
    We thought we would have a little fun with this one. The Portal Gun has a multitude of uses (outside of entertaining your test subjects with numerous puzzling chambers). Use it to gather items quickly and send them back to your storage room, travel quickly from one side of your root systems to another, extend redstone circuits to anywhere in the world, or just have fun with a test chamber created for your fellow challengers. Yes, we have brought a new item to our game from another - the Portal...

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  • 20111129
    We have a new admin in town, and her name is TheHermitage! She's been an active member for quite a while now, and I'm looking forward to joining her in the game, just as you should! Say hello, Hermit!

    With that said, we've got all of our plugins installed with Bukkit, and we're working hard to finish a few projects so that the server is in top-notch shape when you log in. Just a few more days, and we'll be there, so sit tight and enjoy the forums while you wait.

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  • 20111130
    Are you ready to experience the first TreeCrafters Server Mini-Challenge? Even before the server has gone public, we wanted to give you guys something fun to do, while also letting you show off your mad design skills. For 10 days, players can submit their own official TreeCrafters Banner/Logo ideas on the thread linked below and compete to win some great In-Game prizes, as well as some cool Out-Of-Game prizes.

    Just follow the link below to read more and get your design programs launched. You have 10 days to submit your own entries to win!

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  • 20111127
    That's the big question I'm trying to figure out right now. As some of you already know what Corruption is, you can make your choice known now in the poll attached to this thread. So far when discussing Corruption, we have mostly tried to find a way to have two separate worlds to be home for two different types of players (much like how WoW has different worlds for their expansions). In one world, players would continue with the Tree Spirit Challenge as they have always been doing, and on the other they would be battling the demons of Corruption (and still following the same rules of the Tree Spirit...

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  • 20111128
    I know, I know... I told you all that we were going to leave the server online for you to enjoy while we were busy building cool stuff and getting it all ready. Unfortunately, one of our trusted members has turned out to not be so trustworthy after all, planting TNT in various places and griefing the map. So guess what, I take it all back. The server is on lockdown.

    For those of you that were actually playing nicely, I'm sorry it's had to come to this. Too much good work was being destroyed, and we just can't have that. We like what you guys are doing, and it sucks when someone decides...

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  • 20111125
    Today we've setup a brand new way for you to help support the server and keep it running for many months to come. We aren't like other servers where you send money directly to a stranger who may or may not make the payments: to help us with the costs of managing the TreeCrafters Minecraft server, you are able to pay our host directly and keep our costs low.If you'd like to help out, here's the link to get started, and each donation that is made automatically is added to our account so that we can make upgrades and pay our bills at any time. Doing this is the very best way you can help support our...

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  • 20111123
    Please update your game to point to our shiny new IP address (below). We've moved to a new server that should be a bit more stable and enjoyable for everyone. The old IP will no longer work. The new server where we are located is in Chicago, IL, USA.

    IP Address:

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  • 20111123
    You may have noticed that a lot of crazy things have been going on with the server since the release of Minecraft 1.0. For one, we've not had the server online most of the time in the past week. When you could get on the server, you were greeted with an entirely different world than the one where your precious creations lived. Chat has been all messed up, plugins haven't been working and there is an unsettling number of players with Creative Mode access. Not to mention the fact that there is a shiny new forum where everyone is congregating.

    Why all of the changes? You ask.

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  • Topics
  • 20160505
    It seems that the end of time has come and gone for the Treecrafters server. I've not been able to put hardly any time into managing it these past few years, and as a result the number of active players has dwindled to literally nothing. In January I started monitoring 24/7 to see if anyone was getting online, and literally nobody but me has been on since then. With that lack of usage I can't justify paying to keep the server online anymore, so I've let the subscription lapse. I'm sorry to see it go, but it seems that it's time; everyone has moved on.

    If anyone wants to get in contact...

    by Mailleweaver - Comments: 9 - Views: 608
  • 20150531
    I've submitted an update for our modpack with a few more mods to fill in a couple of holes with convenience items. I think this will be our final mod list, and I've tweaked a few gameplay settings to better fit the pack, so I'm going to call this version 1. Once it shows up on the launcher, I'll update our server.

    Here's a summary and full changelog:

    • Enabled Journeymap by default.
    • Added ProjectRed, Wireless Redstone CJB, Storage Drawers, and OpenBlocks.

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  • 20111219
    It's official! TreeCrafters is now live. Come on and join the server. We'll be waiting for you! Smile

    If you haven't applied yet, please start here:

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  • 20111206
    Are you ready for another round of early-access invitations? Our last group of 5 players have successfully started their trees and are even on their way to building shops in the Market. With the Arenas now in the works and a few final touches to the Market being put in place, we wanted to open up the servers for 5 more lucky players to join us.

    Leave a comment below and by tomorrow morning 5 of you will be chosen to join the whitelist and start the Challenge.

    Oh, and as a bonus, for every friend that you invite, you get two chances to join. If you or your friend are chosen,...

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  • 20111129
    We know you guys want to get started on your projects, and we're coming close to letting everyone in to do exactly that. While we're still a bit off from an official re-launch of the server (probably next week), we did want to do something special for a few of you to kick things off the right way.

    Leave us a comment below, and sometime in the next few days we will be picking a set number of you randomly to the first wave of private beta testing on the server. You will be immediately whitelisted and given full access to the server to begin your part of the Tree Spirit Challenge, and will...

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  • 20111201
    This is all outdated. Meant for the old server.
    With a new forum, new world and new play style also comes a new application process. In the past we asked players to read through the Lore and Rules of the Server before filling out a simple form and posting that completed form in the Minecraft Forums here.. That worked out well enough...

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  • 20111127
    We're experiencing a DDoS attack on our server at the moment and are working to see what can be done to rectify the situation. Thanks for your patience.

    Update (11:49 PM - 11/27/2011) - The server is back online, though access could be intermittent. Still testing to make sure everything is running properly.

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