New Item: Anti-Fall Boots

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New Item: Anti-Fall Boots

How often have you been high up in your world tree, extended out on a branch and trying to place that final leaf block to complete the view, only to be blasted by that friendly creeper standing behind you and falling several stories to your death? It's frustrating, at the least, and causes depression and creeper-rage at the worst. As this has happened to all of us, I thought you might like to know about a new item we're making available on the server - Anti-Fall Boots.

Yes, these are the very same long fall boots that come with our Portal Gun plugin, but we've got them all setup and ready to use now, thanks to Syhd. Anti-Fall Boots, when worn, will prevent all fall damage from happening no matter what height you might be jumping from, and will even give you a bit of armor (about as much as leather boots give you).

You can buy your pair of Anti-Fall Boots in our market at the "Portals R' We" shop, run by Syhd, for $200.

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