Birch: The Begining

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Birch: The Begining

Post by jbot87 on Wed Dec 14, 2011 6:16 pm

I awoke in a cold dark place surrounded by snow and ice. As I stood I had memories of ancient time and colossal trees,
the memories continued, showing a great evil taking its hold and destroying me and my home leaving me a spirit
of my former self.
Trekking through the snow I could feel myself getting weaker. As I stumbled through the tundra I could see many enormous
trees in a gathering with strange lights and sounds of rejoice. I started toward the sounds, but was to weak to continue.
There was a dark oak in front of me, it looked inviting enough however I could not connect and so I drifted back to the
spirit realm.
After some time I gathered enough energy to travel back to the new world. As time went by, miles traveled, and numerous
trees I encountered, none that satisfied my spirit, none that allowed me to take refuge in and care for. Three days went
by of wondering the tundra and grasslands searching for that "one" tree. Every night I was forced into the spirit realm
to start my simple yet painstaking quest over again.
On the forth day while searching for my tree, I seen a tremendous flash as though I had been struck by lightning.
Once my eyes adjusted I gazed upon the "Great Creator" standing before me. What a privilege it was to lay eyes on
such a great being. I wasn't sure why it was that he was standing before me, but the heavens opened up and bathed me
in glorious sunlight as he handed me the sapling of a great white birch. As I thanked him for his blessing he drifted
handed me the sapling of a great white birch. As I thanked him for his
back into the fog and vanished.
Now that I had my sapling, it was time to find my location. Off the bank of a frozen river I found a spot on an
overhang above a small pond. It was rapidly getting dark so I planted my sapling with much care. After surrounding it
with a dirt wall I huddled by it to keep it warm as it had just started snowing. And there it was I fell asleep, smiling,
finally at peace having found the extension of my spirit.

Day 1
As dawn broke I felt the embracing warmth of the sun and stood eagerly to get to work. After breaking the wall protecting
me and the sapling, I could see remnants of monsters that had perished due to sunlight. I stepped from my sapling in an
attempt to retrieve a bone for fertilizer, but was quickly reminded of my link to the tree as my physical body began to
fade. As I could not retrieve the bone and feed my sapling, I just sat in bliss admiring the young sprout until night
Day 2 I awake to the grunting of a pig and a cold wet snout on my face. I stand and notice that it is already mid morning, then I notice my beautiful tree has grown. As I haven't eaten, hunger is pulling me to chase down the pig. I grabbed a clump of grass to coax the pig closer while holding a rock behind my back, however the animal was not dumb and just wandered off. After cutting down all but the heart of my tree and gathering the leaves I sat into building a workbench so I could get started on the many tools I would need.

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