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Please help support the server Empty Please help support the server

Post by anotherstiffler on Fri Jan 13, 2012 10:49 am

It's time for that monthly request for support. The server costs me $30/month and these forums cost about $5. If anyone would like to help pay for the server, you have several options (and I greatly appreciate it). We're all friends here, and I'm glad to continue running this server for you all, but it would definitely be nice to continue getting your support.

Here are your options:

Send via Paypal to (this is the account I use to pay for the server)
Donate directly to KerpluncGaming (our server host) at this link:

Either way, you will be helping to keep the server up and running for many days to come. Leave a comment here after you've donated, and one of the admins will add you to our wall of supporters and give you your goodies.


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