Hello, and a strong growth to you!

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Hello, and a strong growth to you!

Post by Keyrath on Wed Feb 01, 2012 11:40 am

Heyho, Keyrath here.

I recently found the Tree Spirit Challenge on the Minecraft Forum and started it on my own little server. But as to say it how it is, it's always better the more company you have. So i decided to join a tree spirit server.

As for the informations about me.

My name in "Real Life" is Phillip and my age is 20, is study informatics near Berlin. I'm from germany and a big fan of Minecraft. I played it since... Dunno, maybe 1.2? of the Beta. I really love to build impressive things in Minecraft, and this challenge was perfect for that while being what it's name says, a challenge. I hope to find some like-minded people on this server to have some nice chatting while building up our Spirit Trees. I'm always there when jokes are made as i really love a good portion of humour. I am at that a really talkative person, so you'll never be bored while i'm around. Wink

I hate dishonesty, and because of that, would never grief or destroy some elses property on purpose, that's against my honor code and i will not tolerate it if i see it done by other people.

Well, i think i have taken enough of your time. So as is:

Have a nice day, i hope i'll be selected for the server.

Sincerely, Keyrath

P.S.: I hope my english is at least understandable. Wink

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