I´m in? Wow that was easy!

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I´m in? Wow that was easy!

Post by Annoxius on Sat Feb 04, 2012 1:37 pm

Hi there,

my name is Annoxius, i´m the new one here, well that´s clear or? I heared from that server from a friend who is actually here and i want to try this new mod of minecraft. I played minecraft for average time now, i wouldn´t say I´m good or bad but i like that game and the mod seems to be interesting, the truth, i really don´t know what i should talk about here.

If someone want to talk to me then he is free to do so, i like funny people and when someone need my help i try my best to help.

When i forgot something ask, i try to answer ^^.

Your Annoxius


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