Things I've learned from being a snow spirit.

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Things I've learned from being a snow spirit.

Post by ShadowKeeper1243 on Thu Apr 26, 2012 1:40 am

1. 9 non-enchanted and fresh from the crafting table stone shovels gives one 297 snow blocks, or 1188 snowballs.
2. 1 non-enchanted fresh stone shovel gives one 33 snow blocks, or 132 snowballs.
3. 18 stone shovels (like above) give someone 594 snow blocks, or 2376 snowballs.
4. If you snow-generaing golem escapes, kill it quickly. But if you don't. . .
5. Watching snow golems that betrayed you get massacred by spiders is hilarious.
6. When the spiders attack you, it's not.
7. Breaking the block beneath the snow golem will result in escape.
8. I have a ton of snow blocks.
9. 4 iron shovels, unused and non-enchanted brings the fortune of 251 snow blocks, or 1004 snowballs.
10. 1 iron shovel gives you 62.75 snow blocks, or 251 snowballs.

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