Here we go again.

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Here we go again.

Post by DentalViz on Sun Apr 29, 2012 3:55 pm

So here I am. Again. Cast into Limbo for Great One knows what this time around. It might be annoying if it wasn't so much fun to wind the Great One up.
Ah well, time to find old friends and see what they are up to.

Fumbler is here, a bit out of the way of everyone else. Slow worker, but knows his stuff. I could settle near him, but my ambitions can not be met in this area. I'll have to keep wandering the countyside.

Eureka! I have grown more powerfull allready and can fly!
This plane will soon get a taste of me.

Ah, this is more like it. A village under siege by the undead. Not big, but with some TLC should grow in numbers soon enough.
Hmm... this plane seems to restrict me, and entwine my very being into a tree. Very peculiar, but this will not stop my ambitions. Despite my temporary loss of flight, this plane shall bow to me, and make sacrifices in the name of Dental Viz

First order of business is to grow the tree and envelope the entire village so none can escape before I am ready.
With that done, and the village grown a bit, I should make the minions erect a great totem so they can worship me in a proper manner.

That will do nicely for now.

Excellent, the Evil twins have found their way to this plane and even claimed a village over beyond the hill to the north of me. My power grows stronger with every day.

As it turns out, there are several demigods in this plane. Like me, they seem to be attached to the trees of the world. Some of them are very loud and can be heard accross the plane. One of these is very social and revels in luxury. Others seem content of tending to their immediate area and grow their tree to exceptional heights.
Most seem to burrow deep into the ground and amass materials for various uses.
There's one demigod far to the west who I will have to keep an eye on. He seems to favour constructing massive defensive walls. It is inconsequential as his otherwise pacifist nature will be his downfall. Though I might try some diplomacy on him first.

Seems like there are a handfull of deities here as well. Much more powerfull than the demigods as you would imagine. They seem to be keeping an eye on me, but I can not be sure as they seem to fade in and out sight at will. I will have to be very carefull as to not expose my intentions.

My patience has paid off! My powers have grown greatly. I have taken a seat amongst the deities of the plane and can now fade from sight, fly and create items out of thin air. Though this takes great concentration, and I am only able to wield these newfound powers for a short while at a time, it is still a huge leap in my progress.

It is not long now...
My time is drawing ever closer.

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