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Lore Of Hidey

Post by Rysiion on Tue May 29, 2012 7:52 pm

No one knows where it came from, whether it was natural or created by a vengeful outcast. All we know it that it is killing our Earth and therefore, us. As dryads, my race is inexplicably bound to nature, we always have been and most likely always will be, but thats's not the point. We have decided to name this plague, The Corruption.

The first noted case was on a small island in the middle of the ocean. A small couple had chosen the only living tree on it as their home. The worked together to help it grow and it did thrive until one day, the couple awoke to a strange smell. They obviously worried that something had caught their beloved on fire. The man, Qui, I think his name was, quickly jumped out of the bed. As he peered threw the room's window, he saw nothing. His nervousness, was quickly replaced by relief, but that was short lived. A horrid scream arose from outside, the tortured scream of someone in pain. A wave of panic crashed into him, as he recognized his wive's scream. He was out of the tree in an instant, running towards his wive's tortured cries. He ran to the source, their garden.

As he threw open the door, he was assaulted by a putrid smelling green smoke. It smelt of death. Fearing the worst for his love, he didn't even flinch as he ran inside. A forced scream erupted from his throat as he saw the scene unfolding in front of him. The garden that he and his wife had worked so hard on had turned a green shade of white. They were also making a noise. Every dryad was born with the ability to communicate with plants, but in this case, it was a curse. The garden plants were crying, moaning, screaming and begging for death as they withered and cringed. In the back, the loudest scream was coming from his wife. From far it looked like she was transforming into a white maggot, but it was worse and he ran to help. Up close he could see something was horribly wrong with her. Her once forest green eyes, had shrivelled up and now were bouncing around in her eye sockets covered in blood. Her hair had fallen out and her skin looked like it was constricting her body. Every single bone, tendon and vein, jutted out and in some places, were ripping threw her skin. Her body convulsed every few seconds and she would vomit out bloody gore. Behind her wrapping around her leg was a white vine like root. Coming out of the root were small red buds, that seemed to be releasing the fumes.

As if she sensed that her husband was there he head whipped towards him. She seemed to be trying to form words but her tongue was lashing from side to side. She finally got control of her mouth and she rasped, "run". A voice than entered his head, but it was different than the plants he usually speak to, it wasn't kind, and it's words were filled with malice. "A new age has arisen,and you shall be my messenger." Suddenly, his world seemed to tilt and a bright hot pain sliced threw his head, his legs gave out and he fell over, landing on his now mutilated wife. Than as quickly as it came, the pain left. He jumped up and ran out of the enclosed garden as fast as his weak legs would take him. Hot tears streaked down his face and in between his sobs he kept on muttering,"I love you and I will avenge you, Yio, even if it is the last thing I do." As he exited the garden he let out another heart wrenching sob, for his tree. It's beautiful body was drying and turning the same shade as his other plants. It cried out in a hollow, desperate voice, for death. He headed straight for the ocean, and once inside it, he swam with a new found power, raging from his core fuelling every stroke and breath. He than dove under the water, hiding from the Hell above him.

A small family found him half dead on a beach near our largest village. They quickly brought him to a hospital and he was rushed into an emergency room. He did live but, he won't talk to anyone but his family and is under extreme mental stress. His story spread like wildfire from his family to the doctors, than the village, than every living creature was aware of the evil now lurking across the ocean.

That was five years ago. Our world is a much different place now. That one city no longer exists, it has to been consumed by The Corruption leaving our nation's stronghold cold and dead, stuck in the tree tops. My family has moved four times in the past month, keeping our distance from the tree killing plague. It wasn't very hard for us considering, we are, well, famous. I am apparently the, "Miracle Child". While all other dryads are able to talk to plants, I am able to do so much more. As a young child I was curious as to why plants around me seem to twist and grow so they can face me as I walked by. Animals will crowd around me and I can communicate with them too.

Since than I have practiced my abilities and once I felt I was ready, I showed my parents. They didn't give me the reaction I had hoped for, instead they both looked horrified. They thought that this was The Corruption's doing. I was carted away to a doctor, to check if I was healthy and I was. My parents rejoiced. I didn't understand why. They, than, of course showed me. As it turns out, they were both extremely religious, but they had never mentioned it to me. They explained that ancient ruins had been found a day before The Corruption first showed up. Inside they found many different transcripts but the one that stood out the most was written in an old language, that only a handful of people are still able to read. They brought in the most fluent to translate it. Apparently it described a great plague that would kill the world,and the only way to stop it is when one of the Great Gods gets reborn into a new body. In ancient legends, the Great Gods are bits and pieces of the Great Goddess Gaea's soul put into mortal bodies of her choice. Dryads she thinks are able to wield the great power of a God. Every aspect of her was given to somebody, and I got the nature part. I was also informed that one other had been discovered.

Her name is Aiko. She was gifted with Gaea's animal spirit. Sadly the fame drove her into hiding and no one knows where she is now. As you can expect, I am having a tough time too, with others approaching me begging me to stop the plague. The problem is, I have no idea how. No bloody idea! How is increasing plant growth speed, going to stop something like the Corruption?!? But, than it came to me, while working in our new garden. I was digging out water trenches when I thought, maybe something, similar to a wall? I massive wall, something that NOTHING can go over and NOTHING can dig under. I began planning out a design, in my head while I worked. The only material that the plague cannot tolerate is stone brick infused with steel (I can sometimes hear The Corruption in my head, talking to me, trying to get me to join it, so I knew its weaknesses). That night I wrote down the plans, and the next morning I announced it to the public. People were ecstatic!

The plans were taken into action right away! The whole world began to create this behemoth of a wall, giving up all of their time, their supplies to work. A month later, half of the world half safe behind the wall. I felt pretty good with myself. The world returned to normal, and we moved back to our oldest home, that luckily had not been touched by the plague. It was only a short block away from the wall though. The Corruption than proved itself more than just a plague. It was dieing on the other side of the wall, away from its food. We also had Magik practisers use astral projection to look on the other side, so we knew when we were finally safe. Than it mutated, steel was no longer blocking it. It came back with a vengeance. Quickly eating threw the wall, while we were all sleeping. It knew I was to blame for the setback, it came after us first.

I awoke to my parent screaming, and I suddenly knew it was back. I could hear it in my head, taunting me, explaining all of the ways it was going to kill my family and I. I ran into my parent's room, with tears running down my face. Qui's description was dead on. I ran to my mother and father and their bodies distorted far out of the range where they could still be considered a dryad. There was no smoke or vines, so I figured it can now travel in the air. As if it read my mind, it spoke to me, explaining how it wanted me to see my parents die, than it is going to kill me slowly in front of the world for all to see, but I didn't care. I just sat beside my parents, crying and sobbing as they died. I was there for probably half an hours trying to help them but no, medicinal herbs worked, none of my powerful healing Magik helped. They died in my arms. I should have been sad, but I wasn't. Angry didn't describe how I felt at that moment. The Corruption had ruined my life. I killed my friends, my family, and the nature. Words could not describe how enraged I am.

I didn't care what happened, thinking back, I was a bit suicidal. I barged out of the house using Magik to blow the door off on the hinges. I yelled at the top of my lungs, every foul thing that I felt at the moment as I charged at the wall. I could see the vines already, creeping through the trees. One flew out of the tree at me but I forced another tree to grab it. It wrapped around it, and the roots was torn into a thousand bloody pieces. The Corruptions cockiness evaporated. I was in my mind, it knew what I felt, and in that moment it knew it had make a mistake. As I got closer to the wall I started sprinting, mustering up every power I could. Magik, physical, mental and my born God power. As I hit the wall, my physical body evaporated into nothing, and I was floating. I could see all, I was everywhere at the same time. I expanded my mind, and found every bit of The Corruption and tried to destroy it. I didn't fully succeed. It had worked its way too deep into Qui's tree. That was untouchable and its island as well. I should have been happy, it has been evaporated into nothingness everywhere except that one island. I couldn't rest until it was destroyed, gone, dead just like my parents. I threw everything I had knowing that I had to save some to reform my body. Sadly only when I was on my last reserve did I realize the true solutions. I could feel myself slipping away, back into the void. In my last bit of power I warped reality. The wall grew smaller so it circled a mile around the island. Knowing I would die, I drained myself of my last bit of energy and infused the wall with it. The Corruption could no longer pass it, it was trapped until death, inside.

I smiled, my job finally done. I would be with my parents soon. I became a body again, inhaled one last time while staring at the beautiful night sky. The world slowly went dark and I slipped away.

P.S- This probably isn't going to be my best work, I am quite tired and just wanted to finish once near the end.

Part Two + Challenge

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