Community Tree (Needs a better name)

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Community Tree (Needs a better name) Empty Community Tree (Needs a better name)

Post by DentalViz on Fri Dec 07, 2012 4:26 pm

"It was the only tree for miles, and it dominated the landscape. It was as if it was feeding directly from all living things in the area. And with each added breath grew higher, burrowed deeper and reached further than before. A magnificent sight to behold."

There is a massive island in our world, it's exact location will not be divulged at this time as none are able to grow roots to it for reasons unknown to us.
We can however access it through our skyportals. Details on exact location will be announced once we are sure the gate remains stable and will not flicker out of existence again.

So, we have a new tree for everyone to participate in building. It's location I will post soon ...ish.
The idea grew after a few members started talking about doing something together. And voila, or something.

I have thought of a few rules/guidelines which are listed below, but please come up with suggestions for additional rules for the island as these are subject to change until finalized.
Ah yeah, that's right. The island that the tree is on has it's own special rules which may or may not contradict with general server rules. Just use your head on this and ask when in doubt.

* We can only add logs to the tree, never subtract.
* No straight lines.
* For every 10 blocks the roots reach out, the thickness of it should grow accordingly. So the furthest 10 are 1 block thick, the next 20 are 2 blocks thick, the 30 blocks after that are 3 thick and so on.
* The tree itself is made of oak. And it should remain so until the root system has reached another type of forest/tree which are on the island. Oak/Birch to the west, Jungle to the east and somewhere on the island a lonesome pine sits.

PS: I also may have placed some random goody chests around the island. Some are easy to spot, while others are not.

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Community Tree (Needs a better name) Empty Re: Community Tree (Needs a better name)

Post by Rysiion on Sat Dec 08, 2012 11:37 am

This sounds like a fantastic idea! I really can't wait until we begin working on it, and as for a name, Yggdrasil seems fitting. Very Happy

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