General Gameplay Rules

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General Gameplay Rules

Post by Mailleweaver on Wed Nov 23, 2011 9:35 pm

1. How do I get started?

Empty your inventory. Then pick a single tree of any type, in any area (away from other player's trees unless given permission), and harvest all saplings and logs from it except the bottom log, which will become your heart log. (If you're extremely unlucky and the tree drops no saplings at all, just punch leaves on other nearby trees until you get one, or simply dump your logs and pick a new tree.) When you have done this, jump onto the heart log to begin the challenge proper!

2. Can I ever get off of my tree?

You cannot move further than one block away from your tree. You cannot dig or mine blocks or items unless you are standing on, or directly next to a log that is connected to your heart log through other logs (like with your root system). Pretend that you at all times need to be able to reach out an arm and touch a log or a leaf belonging to your tree, whether the log is above, under, or beside you. This includes killing animals too, you can't run off your tree to go hunting!

You can, however, leave your tree for a few seconds to pick up fallen blocks (such as saplings) that have already been broken, but only to collect the items, not to mine or travel further away.

You can also leave your tree to see another player's tree if you are invited and an admin is available to escort you.

3. Can I build my tree with a friend?

You may join up with other players to create your tree. When doing so, you must still abide by the rules above as though you are only one player. This means only one tree to start off with, one heart log, and one hut to live in while waiting the first few days.

Or you may build your trees close to each other, but keep them separate so that you can both enjoy the challenge as two trees, rather than just one (you cannot use each other's root systems when using this option). For either of these options, you must first come to an agreement with an Admin present to ensure that all players are happy with the idea.

4. Can I use materials from the trees around me?

You can chop other trees down, but you cannot use wood from a tree that is not the offspring of the first saplings you harvested. If you must chop down other trees, throw it's logs and saplings away, or turn the logs into planks, sticks or charcoal, or any other otherwise "dead" material. A tree cannot grow by absorbing other trees after all. It can only conquer them! No, you cannot use dead material like wood planks to travel to further places on your root system - only logs from your tree.

5. Can I use materials that aren't from a tree?

You can use and build with any other "dead" materials for decorations etc, like fences, wool, cobblestone, iron tools, etc as long as you have obtained it according to the rules above. Remember though, you're growing a tree, not building a castle. How would a tree create a wall, for example? Try to think of something creative and different!

6. Can I replace my heart log with something else so that it stands out?

Replacing the heart log with a more distinguishable block for aesthetic reasons is fine, but only use soft materials (such as glowstone or wool) so that it still has to be protected. And you'll have to gather/buy the material yourself; please don't ask an admin to provide it for you.

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