Adkkid's Application

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Adkkid's Application

Post by Adkkid on Sun Dec 30, 2012 1:21 pm

My username is Adkkid, if you couldn't tell from the title, and I'm looking to join this server for a challenge! I'm fairly young, from the U.S.A, and I am currently in Middle School. I own 3 beautiful Siberian Huskies and I love to dog sled. (When I'm not playing Minecraft! Razz) Ive been playing Minecraft since near the end of July 2012, and I am nearly getting bored with Vanilla MC, having built everything I can think of, but I really enjoy participating in challenges like the Tree Spirit Challenge and playing the Technic Modpack. Anyways, onto the application form!

1} What is your in-game name? Adkkid
2} Do you promise to follow the Server Rules? Yes
3} Have you read through The Tree Spirit Challenge? Yes
4} Have you ever been banned from another server? And if so, Why? No current bans, but at one point there was a misunderstanding on a small server(The owner thought I had blown up TNT, which was against the rules) but that was worked out in a few days. (No, I didnt blow up the TNT)

Thanks for reading, and I hope I get accepted!


Edit: Haha, was so excited about this server that I forgot to post the coords of my tree! It is an oak tree in an Extreme Hills biome, at 735, 64, 345.
Second Edit: The first coords were near someone elses tree that I didnt notice. I found a new tree, though, at 860, 73, 202!
Third Edit: Wow, I kind of feel stupid. Those coords were also near someones roots. Ive found another tree that I HOPE isnt near any other trees. (Man, I hate tiny render!) 466 63 -220

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Re: Adkkid's Application

Post by Oceanous on Sun Dec 30, 2012 2:04 pm



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