Roots; a story written by ShadowKeeper1243

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Roots; a story written by ShadowKeeper1243

Post by ShadowKeeper1243 on Fri Jan 18, 2013 2:39 am

A world that I had forgotten, yet was blissful like a silent dream in a snowy tundra. The only sounds were the snow crunching, and the ice cracking as I flit about. But what if that dream, so hazy in the corner of my mind, was not a dream? What if it was a reality that I had just forgotten about?

Snow wasn't crunching anymore.

And there wasn't much snow anywhere anyways.

A brief and rather yellow message popped into my mind.

ShadowKeeper1243 joined the game.


†ime is e†ernal

There were other people in this world. I looked at my hands, and was taken aback.

They were just stubs!

Yet somehow I could grip things…


I called out to the world. And I received an answer.

Instantly my mind was taken to a beach, with great blue waves crashing down onto the sandy shore.
The Ocean called out to me.

I was taken aback once more.

"Oh, yo dawg, m'kay, so wheneva you hear dis voice, or any other voice like dis, it translates into stuff you can understand. Got it?"

I nodded numbly. I didn't know how I understood.

"Alright fine chap. Tally ho! You can now fly around- like a sir, mind you- and select your tree."

The snowy dream came back to me. I wanted to live it again.

"Take me to a tundra! One with barely any oak trees! Please!"

Well, whaddaya know, Ocean did.

And I could remember all of it.

Zcd, whom I had argued with over the most idiotic of things;
Ocean, who was always just AFK fishing;
Lord Dust Bunny, who was always pretty funny, yet had a strange side;
Mailleweaver, who had the total control of this world. Yet he never abused his powers.

I smiled to myself. I had my roots laid down once more.

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Re: Roots; a story written by ShadowKeeper1243

Post by Aiko_Niigata on Sat Jan 19, 2013 12:10 pm

ShadowKeeper1243 wrote:Zcd, whom I had argued with over the most idiotic of things.
Long time no see Terry. <3

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