It seems this is my goodbye.

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It seems this is my goodbye. Empty It seems this is my goodbye.

Post by ShadowKeeper1243 on Wed Apr 17, 2013 10:47 pm

Read this first. If it doesn't work I'll remove the link.
Boy, has this been an experience of a lifetime.
I've seen some pretty awesome stuff here.
During this time, my nephew was born, and my grandmother died.
And it seems as this server is transitioning to Feed The Beast, I will no longer be able to play.
So, I'd like to say some things to everyone I remember very well.

These may be sorta personal (not in a weird way, just mostly memories.) You can read all if you want, I can't stop you. But, they're here nontheless.
(I'm probably not gonna have 100% accurate memories, so bear with me.)

To Zcd123
Wow. We started off in a hate/respect relationship. We argued over the stupidest things. We also hacked this server (with permission).
There's been a lot done, and I must say you were probably my closest friend here (and you gave me the password to your account Very Happy)

To Hidey
You've been a cool guy. Certainty one of my friends here.

To Mailleweaver
You were the best owner one could ask for. You cared about what went on with your server and made sure everyone was happy. Keep up the good work.

To Oceanous
Fishing is basically all my memories of you. Very Happy But you were still really cool.
But are you a boy or a girl? Still REALLY curious.
Guess I'll never know. Very Happy

To Bacon
Double tree buddies! Very Happy

To Blazin
You put a lot of effort into your tree. Gotta respect that. It always looked really nice. If you end up as co-owner, I know you'll do a great job.

To Dust
All the memories I have with you are funny. Better pick up my slack once I'm gone. Twisted Evil

To all of the above and everyone else

You were all great. You never let anyone down and helped everybody. Swimr, sorry, but I didn't know you that well. Sorta wish I did.
You all changed my life, and for the better.
There's really no way to express my thanks for you all.

This may be my final message to you all. If you see me on other servers, please say hi. I'll miss all of you.


I've also added my twitter (don't follow it's crap) and skype (use that) to my profile if you want to contact me.

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