The Tale of Chara

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The Tale of Chara

Post by Aiko_Niigata on Mon Aug 05, 2013 4:41 pm

Chara was born a different child among her human counterparts, always interested in the forbidden, doing what other people considered wrong.  Her practices were seen as taboo even among the great shamans of her village, the shamans called her things such as "Dark," and "Evil," and the hatred in Chara's heart grew towards these people that had taught her everything she knows other than the forbidden.  She decided to get her revenge on the elders and shamans, she wanted to show them that her power far surpasses theirs because she would never become an elder like them, she would be immortalized in nature.  But the shamans didn't believe nature would sustain her since she drew off of the power of not life, but rather death.  Chara knew normal nature would not sustain her unless twisted and changed, so she took a sacred tree to her people and twisted it into a dark entity, bearing white apples that would steal part of the soul of any who takes a bite from one.  This tree would be knows as the Dark Wood among her people, as they would avoid it, a reminder of their shame that is Chara. Finally the day came on the new moon, when the sky was dark in the night, that Chara would become an immortal.  Chara went to the Dark Wood and bargained for it to sustain her, but it refused, saying that she was unworthy of immortality.  Angered, Chara forced her spirit into the tree, binding herself there so that the tree may not refuse and killed herself to complete the ritual.  Little did Chara know that the amount of dark energy she had amassed would not sustain her spirit for a month, much less an eternity, so the tree spread the mystical energy of death throughout the land destroying the forests and village of her people, and creating silence across the hills of her home.  This amassed so much evil energy that it twisted Chara's mind, making her think that her people deserved it and reveling in the vast span of her new found power, using exclusively the power of death in her many rituals.  Chara, wanting to completely destroy any remnants of her people and life in the plains, looked to the lands of the north filled with volcanoes, and willed them to explode southward.  This spread ash, lava, and fire over the once prosperous lands of her people, turning it truly into a scar that nature would never forgive.  As punishment the spirits of the forests surrounding her bound her body to the tree as well, binding her movements to only being able to touch the tree at any time, so that she may not move freely and spread her evil through the world.  Greatly enraged, Chara formulated a way in which she could force the growth of the tree in any direction, causing roots to grow that she could walk on and once again spread mayhem throughout the world.

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