Althing: Tree progress, a record.

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Althing: Tree progress, a record.

Post by Althing on Tue Oct 22, 2013 9:39 am

Just a screenshot update of my tree. Partly to share, partly as a record for myself.
All screenshots taken while standing on a section of my tree.

Tree: Maple
Official Start date: Sunday, Oct 20th
(Prior to that I had to transplant the sapling and wait for it to grow in it's new home)

My Heart Log: (Fire proof)

Where I use to wait out the night. More on that later:

Home Grove. Slightly elevated:

My own chicken:

Past the Golden Force trees (my slave wood) and up the ladder is the pantry:

More soup please:

She has plenty of room to uh.. turn her head. A nice view and a cobble roof to avoid getting hit by lightning.
The view I get whenever I have to eat:

My Home Grove is a bit of a maze. I knocked out just enough leaves to allow me to travel around.
Hostile Mobs can't get in. I've stopped expanding it, and am working on my colonies:

Down the rabbit hole:

I don't need a lot of smelting at this point, but this is where I do it:

Reached the bottom. Level 35.
Level 35 has been good to me. Lots of Iron, Force ore silver, tin copper uranium. And no Lava.

Moving along. Towards the frozen edge of my home grove. Away from my two colonies:

Trying to grow some cotton. Haven't seen a single spider. (My radar has shown lots of hostile mobs in the distance, but never closer than aprox. 100 meters)
(Except 1 creeper who showed up after my home grove was built. He could just stare at me from a distance.

A start at a lower mining path, only goes to level 18 or 20. Looking for redstone.

Turn around to see my underground tree farm:

Time to head back:

The left hand door leads to Colony Grove 1

Colony Grove 1:
Night fell and a storm started while we were underground.

That's all for now. I have more screenshots, but no time left to place them here I have to leave soon and will be gone for most of the day.

Colony Grove 1: Continued...

Colony Grove 1: Headed away from the Home Grove.
The path narrows. Creating a 1 block wide path with saplings growing either side. Tree tunnel of sorts.

- Looking out at the end

Reversing direction, passing through Colony Grove 1 again and looking at Surface Project 3 (Or whatever you want to call it)
This lies exactly (measured) Between my colony grove and the home grove.
A bridge used to connect it to the home grove, but I disassembled it.
This bridge to the colony grove will be removed soon as well.

Further in:

The top of the central pillar:

Looking out at Colony Grove 1:

Looking out at the Home Grove:

Looking at the center from the edge:

Project 3 as seen from the Home Grove:

It is a 1x25x25 block disc. A 1x2 Block wall was placed on the outer edge. A 1x1x1 block ring was run on the inside of the wall, and saplings were planted at regular intervals. The Saplings are linked to the rest by touching the wall.
The Disc itself is connected down to the Level 35 Tunnels by a 3x3 block root that runs straight down the center. You can see the shadow of it in the water.
I went from the top down when building the root. That was interesting. Almost drowned 3 times while trying to maintain contact with the home tree.
For reference the discs base sits at level 65. So it's central root runs 30 levels down.

Personal rules:
1. I can act freely as long as either my top or bottom half are in a block space adjacent to a home tree block. (Log really, I try not to abuse the use of leaf blocks)
Adjacent to a Home Log is either below, above, horizontally next in either 4 directions, or next to in either of the 8 diagonal directions.

2. If I trip, fall, slip etc. I must make a direct (but safe) route back to a connected home log. I try not to built or break blocks in anyway if I am separated.

3. I can break contact to collect drops. IF I go straight there, straight back. No fighting, building or breaking while separated. I can not collect drops without first building a safe and direct route there and back (For example placing steps to get back up first)

4. Blocks are connected to each based off the requirements stated in rule 1. However abuse of diagonally placed blocks is not to be tolerated. (Checkerboard)

5. I can move my Tree Heart IF:
- It never breaks contact with the rest of the tree.
- It is never broken
- A piston is used WITH a Home Tree log as a buffer. A direct piston to heart contact is not to be tolerated.

6. I can add or remove rules with careful thought and consideration for Balance, Challenge and the spirit of fun.

7. I do not use my Home Logs for ANY crafting. Beyond the 3 logs I used on day one. *cough*

Last note:
The ladder in this screenshot:

Is mounted on a 1x1 pillar of Logs connecting the mines with Colony Grove 2. THe other side of this pillar is a HUGE underground ravine.
More screenshots when I explore it later.

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Re: Althing: Tree progress, a record.

Post by Rysiion on Tue Oct 22, 2013 4:45 pm

Sweet, your tree is coming along nicely! Smile I absolutely love the red/gold combination

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Re: Althing: Tree progress, a record.

Post by Althing on Tue Oct 22, 2013 9:59 pm

Yes I like the combination as well. A lot actually. It's really tempting to declare the Gold trees as children of the Home tree.
I did use the Home trees power and resources to magically transform saplings into a new sapling species...

I just wish I didn't feel guilty for considering it...
Which is an odd reaction because using the Gold logs would give me absolutely no extra abilities beyond aesthetics.
Granted that the leaves periodically drop Force nuggets when broken, and the logs can be used either as normal wood or Force wood.
BUT there is nothing stopping me from growing them as slave wood, in fact I already am.

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Re: Althing: Tree progress, a record.

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