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Post by Blazinfox555 on Thu Apr 10, 2014 7:21 pm

So, since I have to miss out on all the fun, would you guys mind sharing how your trees are going with me?

What have you found complicated, really fun, annoying, any cool things you've done with your tree? I'd be interested in a couple of screen shots too when you guys feel like it.

Also, tonight is my last night shift thing, then one week of spring break! Woot!

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Post by grillo126 on Fri Apr 11, 2014 5:39 am

I started on the edge of a village, on a branched oak.
I've done a smeltry, and got to maryullyn, which gave me really nice arrows.
I've gathered some ressources to make one of the hunger overhaul's feasts (the one with fired eggs)
I'm around mid-game in thaumcraft with good research progress.

Now I need to build more advanced machines like AE networks, essencia processing and infusion altar.

To build them i've decided to focus on my tree and move everything inside the canopy, which i'm working on now.
I'm going to follow the general design of an oak
Share your progress Escarpment-Live-Oak-Rev-F2

with large canopy base that forms a sort of dome on the end.


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Post by Mailleweaver on Fri Apr 11, 2014 7:16 pm

I've been eating hearty breakfasts for a week or so, made only with wheat, soy, potatoes, water, and onions. I only have to eat once every mc day or two depending on what I'm doing. I have a good sized farm that only needs more sugarcane to enable me to make gingerbread and pb&j sandwiches. I'm currently growing: wheat, soy, turnips, cabbage, bell peppers, mustard, garlic, peanuts, rutabagas, potatoes, sunflowers, tea, ginger, cantaloupes, pineapples, onions, seaweed, cranberries, grapes, spice, blackberries, sugarcane, bananas, dragonfruit, and apples.
Share your progress 2014-04-11_182800_zps39a299b4

There's bamboo growing all over the place around my village and random root spikes sticking up in a few places.
Share your progress 2014-04-11_182707_zps4287d700

I have a skeleton spawner set up for manual grinding to level up my weapons and to collect stuff like bows, arrows, armor, and bones.
Share your progress 2014-04-11_185203_zps468be202

I also have a very steep stairway down to y12 for easy access to a mine and tunnel to spawn that I've barely started.
Share your progress 2014-04-11_182920_zps13663af6

My tree is slowly replacing and enlivening the jungle with its own growth so that I can have free reign throughout.
Share your progress 2014-04-11_183322_zps7d70c6e8

Share your progress 2014-04-11_183338_zps06a89047

The area outlined in orange is where my surface roots currently extend, and the area outlined in pink is the part of the jungle that I've completely replaced so far.
Share your progress 2014-04-11_183409_zps9523e64d

The most difficult thing is to not overuse the /home command now that we have it again. I'm purposely designing my tree so that it's easy to get around without it.

As far as you being left out of the fun, I'm just waiting for you to get back to me with what packs will work for you.

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