Taking the challenge to the next level

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Taking the challenge to the next level Empty Taking the challenge to the next level

Post by grillo126 on Tue Apr 22, 2014 4:12 pm

Hello friends,

I've tough a bit about the challenge concept, looked trough forums for inspiration, and I found some ideas to improve :
The general goal is to add objectives.

  • Implementing levels in the challenge
  • Restricting progression in gear/machines/etc following tree spirit challenge tiers
  • Defining clear instructions for gray areas (like being able to leave roots for some things), with more liberties by tier progression

Implementing levels in the challenge

  • level 0 - Limbo : You fly across the lands to choose the location of your tree and granted a sapling of the choosen basic species
  • level 1 - Sprite : You are allowed to begin your guard
  • level 2 - Spirit : Your tree is twice the size of a regular tree of that species
  • level 3 - Grower : Your tree is 5 times the size of a regular tree of that species, the surface root network has the size of the canopy, have several child trees twice the size of regular ones on the edge of the roots
  • level 4 - Elder : Your main tree has reached it's max size and potential, the child trees are interconnected by suspended bridges and serves a specific function each (to be defined ?). You expanded into nearby biomes, made a tree sanctuary around every portals you made (nether, twilight, mystcraft...).
  • level 5 - Reborn : placeholder ?

Restricting progression

  • level 0 - nothing but the granted sapling
  • level 1 - basic wooden tools
  • level 2 - stone, iron tools/armor, tier 1 of mods allowed
  • level 3 - diamond, obsidian, nether, tier 2-3 of mods allowed
  • level 4 - ...

Defining clear instructions for gray areas
I wanted to develop an increasing tolerance about root hugging (as your tree/level grows, his "aura" grows and instead of staying on contact with the tree you will have to stay in the aura of it), gradually freeing a player of this constraint. The goal here is to make the use of flying tools allowed to build more easily.
Then about tree breeding, it should be incorporated somewhere in the levels, so that people should choose a basic minecraft tree to start with, then with progression they will be able to "unlock" more species following requirement yet to be set. This should include forestry trees but also other mod's trees such as BOP ones.
My goal with that is obviously to get more choice of construction material as the progression unfolds.

Any trough/suggestions ?


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Taking the challenge to the next level Empty Re: Taking the challenge to the next level

Post by Althing on Tue Apr 22, 2014 10:26 pm

I only have one comment so far, I'll have to think over the post some more.

I can appreciate some new challenges, especially if we get rewarded with adherence to them. (New freedom/materials)

Although I implemented a personal rule this time around that i've been liking, and a wooden tool tier would be hard with it in place. Basically I've promised myself to not use any of my logs in any recipe.
At least any recipe that would make you shudder if you were actually living the challenge.
Most notably turning Logs into planks. Live wood to dead wood. So no Birch planks unless I stumble on a competing Birch tree, then it will be my slave and it's children will serve my children for generations until the end of days!
Chopping my trees with an axe is bad enough, but its simply is too far from practical to do otherwise.

Anyway just a minor comment.

I'm going away now..

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