Rotarycraft for spirit dummies

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Rotarycraft for spirit dummies

Post by grillo126 on Thu Apr 23, 2015 2:49 pm

Post here your tips and tricks

Make a steam engine, a pump, a cooling fin, some wood shafts, a 2:1 wooden gear box (attach the cooling fin on it's top) and a woodcutter.
Place the pump on top of 4 water blocks in a square, powered by a dc engine. Place a liquid pipe, then the steam engine. You need to light a netherrack block to have a fire under the steam engine (check this thread for precautions before lighting the netherrack to know how to build a fireproof place).
In front of the steam engine place as many wood shaft as you need (to avoid growing trees in the fire danger zone), place the wooden gear box (+ cooling fin) then the woodcutter. Place a chest beneath it and you're good to go.
This will automate tree farming

Woodcutter user manual

WARNING : the woodcutter will cut anything linked to the tree in front of him by logs or leaves.
Do NOT connect the farm to your tree using regular roots, use carpenter's blocks instead (those are ignored by the device).
Beware of trees that might branch and touch your precious father tree.

The max range of the woodcutter is 25 blocks square area (quite big).

The woodcutter will automatically replant saplings, but only those on the same level as it.

The woodcutter will only begin to harvest if there is a log in front of him. If you want to trigger is manually, just connect the trees you want to cut (using logs/leaves) and place a log in front of the device.

The woodcutter stores spalings inside an unaccessible inventory slot (as such it only stores 64 saplings). You can get them by picking it up using a pickaxe.

Next step would be getting ethanol and the gasoline engine.
You can power most things (manually) with a gasoline egnine and an industrial coil  Very Happy
Such as the friction heater ("free" furnace fuel) and the extractor (ore quintupling).
A note for the gasoline : 1 ethanol crystal will give you about 90MJ (don't blow up your industrial coils okay)

Next step is getting tungsten : Iron ore in an extractor will yield you some at low chance, then you need at last 1MW of power generation to heat the friction heater enough to smelt the titanium flakes.
With titanium, make a bedrock breaker and enjoy rotartycraft's endgame.

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Re: Rotarycraft for spirit dummies

Post by Oceanous on Fri Apr 24, 2015 12:12 am

Tungsten now comes from iron ore. I wish I had known I could use wooden gearboxes and an industrial coil at the start: I tried to make 4 steam engines for a grinder for the longest time.


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