A New Life

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A New Life

Post by idontcare on Sun Aug 02, 2015 9:51 pm

((Old habits die hard, I'll be using double parenthesis for anything not story.))

((I got myself nice and bored and decided to write a journal. Because why not? Now, because I'm a) relatively young, and b) have abysmal writing skills, Don't expect anything too good.
That aside, I have drawn some story elements and concepts from Kakuloo's Treefriend journal.))

((That all being said, here goes!!(prepare for wall of text)))

I have lived many lives, fought monsters, demons, and the likes. I have been a trader, a warrior, a mage, an explorer, a-- Oh who am I kidding? I was more of a lost soul, wandering aimlessly never staying too long and never settling down, always traveling.

Right, at heart, I lived with people. I've seen fantastic things been built, and destroyed. I was all of those things, in a way, but I was mostly an explorer. I moved with no restraint, living off the land, finding resources and building. Until I heard of a land where not humans or mortals, but spirits of nature lived. I also learned that I could become a spirit rather easily. I only had to change into one. Like I changed into a warrior, mage, for trader. I asked if I could be allowed entrance into their world, and they accepted.

Emerging into a new realm is always disconcerting, but even more so here. Having never been a spirit before and this world's strange, new technology that I have never seen before in my previous journeys , made it doubly hard to acclimatize to my new surroundings. All of the spirits around me were also much older and wiser. I already knew which tree I would want to live the long years with thanks to visions on my dreams of the world I would inhabit. I grabbed some food made my way slowly towards it. Halfway through my journey, I came across another spirit, who was kind enough to let me take shelter in his tree for the night. I continued traveling with many thanks to a kind spirit.

As I traveled further, I became aware of a whispering, sighing sound. I originally thought it was nothing but the wind rustling the leaves of the forests I crossed through. However, there was no wind and yet the trees still rustled their leaves. Concentrating more closely, I heard that the trees where talking, they were alive and sentient, like me. I finally found the tree I was looking for: A small oak surrounded on all sides by tall pines. The pines didn't seem too happy about the oak's presence, shouting at it, I'll call the tree a him for simplicity's sake, to go away. The oak stood defiant, in his little patch of warm forest. I liked him immediately.

The trees finally noticed me, and sensing that I was yet to be bound to one, all the pines clamored for my attention. I ignored then all and instead asked the oak if he wanted to bond with me. He agreed.

((So yeah, that's the lore bit done, now for the journal! Which will come in later posts.))
-Editing and other general assistance done by iPvpSnipe

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