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Post by Mailleweaver on Fri Nov 13, 2015 6:26 pm

Since Etho started playing TerraFirmaCraft recently, I've been playing along in singleplayer. I have a homestead in a burned out acacia forest in the tropical zone just a few km north of the equator where I can grow crops year-round. The pit in the bottom right corner next to the empty garden plot is where I dig my clay.
TerraFirmaCraft 2015-11-11_17.27.10_zps4wbfreag

TerraFirmaCraft 2015-11-11_17.27.28_zpsrxgbq8y1

So far I have a house, a fair sized garden that's still expanding, and a smithy where I fire my clay and smith my copper tools.
TerraFirmaCraft 2015-11-11_17.41.57_zpsopfn2k1r

In the smithy I have a copper anvil, a forge, two pit kilns, a wood pile, a chest, and a barrel of water for quenching hot stuff.
TerraFirmaCraft 2015-11-11_17.28.39_zpsrjmssdj7

In the house I have a little water source (that I built the whole house around), a few chests and barrel for item storage, some shelves for empty jars & water jugs, a tool rack for my extra tools, a bed, some wood storage, a quern, and a cellar for storing food to slow down its decay. I made the place big enough for some future expansion upstairs and extra storage space downstairs.
TerraFirmaCraft 2015-11-11_17.29.17_zps70flwp5d

TerraFirmaCraft 2015-11-11_17.29.29_zpsihspcqbi

TerraFirmaCraft 2015-11-11_17.29.54_zps7ccao17k

And here's the garden right after a fresh planting. I'm making it large enough to rotate the crops through the sections and also leave a couple of sections to fallow to keep from depleting the soil.
TerraFirmaCraft 2015-11-11_17.40.51_zpsjvqrcffl

In the next winter I plan to take a trip up north (where I've already mapped) to pick up some ice for my cellar and some saplings for different tree types so I can get started on leatherwork. I also want to bring home some livestock. I know of a couple pigs fairly nearby, and hopefully I can get some cows home as well.

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