The New and Improved Application Process

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The New and Improved Application Process

This is all outdated. Meant for the old server.
With a new forum, new world and new play style also comes a new application process. In the past we asked players to read through the Lore and Rules of the Server before filling out a simple form and posting that completed form in the Minecraft Forums here.. That worked out well enough when we only had a few dozen players, but after having over 700 people log into our server, and several hundred applications thrown at us, we knew that it was time to make some changes. Thus, the New and Improved Application Process is now made official.

How to Apply and be Accepted onto the server:

First of all, all players, whether accepted or not, will eventually be given access to the server under a greylist. That means that if you haven't been accepted, you can't build or destroy anything or use any doors, gates, pressure plates or levers (or anything else, for that matter). If you just want to see what the server is like and get a tour, just log in using our IP address (listed at on the right side) and we'll look forward to seeing you on the other side.

That said, to actually become a member of the server is not that difficult. Here are the steps:

1. Register as a member of our community forums at
2. Post an Introduction so that everyone can say "Hi" to you, here Tell us a bit about yourself, why you like the Challenge and what experiences you've had in Minecraft. We don't want to just know your name, we want to know who you really are.
3. Log into the server, make it through the maze and read the rule-signs. Talk to some of the other players and Admins - we like it when you do that.
4. Go out into the world and find a tree that will be yours. Copy down the Coordinates of that tree by pressing F3 on your keyboard - we need the X, Y and Z coordinates. As long as it is North of the giant wall that we've built, you will be accepted fairly quickly.
5. Post those coordinates in this forum here and tell an Admin to check it out. We'll look at it, make sure there are no other trees nearby, and add you to the whitelist!

Once that's done, you're ready to start growing your tree.

What about Corruption?

As of right now, Corruption is not available to anyone, even accepted players. Corruption is located South of that giant wall that we've asked players not to cross. One day, when we finally do launch Corruption, players that are approved (after having already grown a tree in the North) will be allowed to cross the wall and continue their adventure there. As for right now, though, it's completely off limits. If you are caught down there, you will be given a warning once, jailed second, and banned the third time (permanently, no exceptions).

And since that's not such a great note to end on, I leave you with this joke:

What's green and has wheels?
Grass! I lied about the wheels. Razz

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The New and Improved Application Process :: Comments


Post on Thu Dec 01, 2011 8:12 pm by zapmunk

Why not just make the corruption a protected area? I'm sure there are plugins for that.

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Post on Thu Dec 01, 2011 8:13 pm by anotherstiffler

zapmunk wrote:Why not just make the corruption a protected area? I'm sure there are plugins for that.

We can, but this is a nice way to find people who don't know how to follow the rules. Smile

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Post on Fri Dec 02, 2011 8:17 am by funfaktory

can you please add me to the greylist.... wanna look around and find a spot to grow my tree Very Happy (hmm... maybe i make something like a giant bonsai... XD)

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