Roots and Paths

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Roots and Paths

Post by Mailleweaver on Wed Nov 23, 2011 9:47 pm

1. What are roots?

Roots are the paths of logs that you make extending from your heart log to any other location on your map. Your root system can be as simple as a row of a dozen logs leading to a bit of water, or as complex as a tunnel that will take you to the Market. However they look and however far they go, roots are meant to be the primary method of travel for all players.

2. Can I walk on anyone's roots?

No. Being the spirit of a tree, you are attached only to your tree and no others. You may not leave your tree's roots, then, to travel on someone else's root system and see what they have built elsewhere. This would be equivalent to leaving your tree to wander around in the desert or swim in the ocean. It just does not fit with the Challenge Lore.

3. But what if I get permission and we are best friends?

There is a rule to allow you to see other trees. See the Server Rules for details.

4. Can I use leaves to extend my roots if I run out of logs?

Yes and no. Yes, because you are able to walk on leaves that come from your tree, and can therefore extend your system to get to another location. No, because leaves are not roots... they are leaves. You cannot create a root system made of logs, switch to leaves, and then switch back to logs. If you want to keep your root system going, keep the connection of logs going for as long as you need. Otherwise, your root system will be broken.

5. What are Paths?

Public Paths will be created by the Admin team to allow users to travel long distances to key points on the map without extending their own personal root systems that far. Anyone can walk on Public Paths as if they are their own roots, and so act as the secondary method of travel around the server. These paths can be created at any time once it is seen that a lot of players want to go to the same area, and in fact do replace all existing root systems from players in that region to reduce the clutter in the world.

6. How do I get access to a Path?

You can pay for access to a path with logs based on the length of that path to spawn(Example: A path that is 75 blocks long will cost 75 logs). The second option, if you don't want to collect that many logs, is to pay half that amount in coal or charcoal. An Admin will then pick a spot for your root system to join the path and will add your name to the list of players given access to it.

7. How do I create a new Path?

If you see a lot of players creating root systems within a specific region, you can talk to an Admin about creating one. The decision is up to the Admin team whether or not they will actually make the path, but when they do you will see the changes happen fairly quickly.

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