The Fallen

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The Fallen

Post by Wyvernus on Sun Dec 04, 2011 1:15 am

I awoke in a large cavern. It was large and damp, darkness pressed in from all sides. above my head a small hole in the cieling provided light. a tree stood in the center. white flowers grew sparsely, dotting the ground like stars. i searched the area, and noticed something move. i turned to look at it, but it disappeared. I felt many eyes watching. I noticed then, a body at the bottom of the tree. It was mangled, with it's arms and legs twisted and bent. It seemed to have been eaten by many things. but I knew, it was me. I was dead, but I was still here. I am a spirit. I faced the tree, i felt it's potential. I touched the rough bark, and my hand seemed to meld with it. Suddenly, I felt a shock surge through my body. It felt as though i touched a live wire. I tried to scream, but nothing came out of my mouth. The tree I had touched seemed to hold onto my hand. When i moved my hand from the trunk, my body seemed to fade. I felt a constricting feeling around my neck, cutting off my breath. Apparently i still needed to breathe. I clung to the trunk, as the creatures took note of my connection. I was now connected to the tree until who knows how long. Day and night are but memories in this subterrarean hold.

First Growth
I have begun etching my experiences in the very wood i live with. We seem to have shared feelings, however it doesn't seem to hurt it. The tree is cooperating by forming grooves where my finger goes. I'm looking around as I'm not planning on dying again anytime soon. I see a skeleton nearby, it seems to be holding a bow in it's hands. How it got that weapon, i'm not sure. I feel a sharp pain in my back as an arrow collides with me.

Second Growth
It's been a while since i last recorded. I have been besieged by green things with legs. Spiders the size of wolves have bitten me multiple times. The monsters don't seem too happy that i got linked with the tree. I have lately taken to hiding beneath the thin layer of dirt, as i don't have the materials to construct anything more.

Third Growth
The cavern has been torn up by multiple (I'll call them creepers) explosions. The grass and flowers have long since died and all that's left is myself, and the tree. I have been scrambling around the cavern gathering materials for my survival. I decided to attempt to escape the tree by death. I awoke with light in my face, but i was still on the tree. Even death will not grant me rest.

Fourth Growth
I have begun raiding an abandoned mineshaft. i'm not entirely sure why nobody is using it as minerals line the walls. I have been able to make torches and create walls. At least I won't have to feel those creatures attacks much more. By using the tree's offspring i have been able to explore, and gather resources. My path was cut off by another of those blasted creepers, i need to light up more of the area to keep this from happening.

Fifth Growth
i've managed to find some melon seeds, hopefully this will get me some food. The monsters have seem to be getting more coordinated as they have jumped the wall. i can't hold out down here much longer or else i'll be crushed. I've begun to spiral up to the top of the cavern. With luck i should be able to feel sun on my skin once more.

Sixth Growth
I've almost made it, however the monsters have stopped. The rest would have been welcome, other than the scarcity of bones. I have just broken the surface, the breeze is cold but welcome. The cavern is still beneath me, but is no longer much of a danger. From here I am safe, and no longer need to keep record. To those who read this, good luck and safe travels.


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