Freelanders and how to become one

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Freelanders and how to become one

Post by anotherstiffler on Mon Dec 05, 2011 1:08 am

While most players will be content as Dryads for the extent of their time on the server, some players want to go a bit farther. They want to build castles and roam the world without the chains linking them to their trees. They want to stay on the server and continue hanging out with the friends they made without being ruled by the Tree Challenge. After a couple of months of playing as a Dryad, you might want to venture out into the world to see what else you can find. And guess what, we totally welcome you to do that, as long as you're a Freelander.

Freelanders are paid supporters who have said that they love the server enough to stick around even after they've "finished" the challenge. They donate $10 for the first month (and then $5/month after that - this goes directly to the server and not into anyone's bank account) to become Freelanders and get special privileges and in-game gifts, plus some other cool stuff.

What do Freelanders get?
- Ability to travel the world without being bound to roots
- Special Freelander tag for in-game chatting (you pick it!)
- Free Market Shop
- Large Chest full of items and tools they can use to start new projects
- Access to all public /warp points
- Access to /tpa commands to travel to different players
- Early access to Corruption once it's ready for testing
- Access to Private Sponsor-Only Forum here on
- Can request small world edits from Admins
- Zone-Protection expanded to extend 60 block radius (as opposed to 35)
- Bragging rights for making the best server in the world of Minecraft even better.

Of course, you are allowed to donate the $10 (or more) to the server without becoming a Freelander, if that doesn't suit your style. Just let us know in an email or Private Message what you might be thinking, and we'll take care of the rest.

How do I become a Freelander?

- Tell an Admin
- Go to our direct-to-server donation page here to send your donation
- Log into the game and ask an admin to set you up with Freelander status
- Justin Timberlake shows up at your front door.
- ???
- Profit!

Thanks for your support.

The Freelander class doesn't exist anymore.

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Re: Freelanders and how to become one

Post by wahya_spirit on Fri Jan 06, 2012 4:27 pm

as soon as i can ^^ i want to do this bounce


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