New Item: Portal Gun

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New Item: Portal Gun

We thought we would have a little fun with this one. The Portal Gun has a multitude of uses (outside of entertaining your test subjects with numerous puzzling chambers). Use it to gather items quickly and send them back to your storage room, travel quickly from one side of your root systems to another, extend redstone circuits to anywhere in the world, or just have fun with a test chamber created for your fellow challengers. Yes, we have brought a new item to our game from another - the Portal Gun is really amazing.

Check out this demonstration video from the creators:

We will also be adding the Material Emancipation Grill to clear your inventory quickly and getting rid of your junk (but we will not be adding the Red/Blue Gels or Aerial Faith Plates).

If you want to get your own Portal Gun (a powered-off redstone torch, not a stick), head to the Market and purchase one from Syhd, our local Portal Gun Expert and Salesperson. They're going for a small $10,000 (in-game money, of course).

Once you do start using your own Portal Gun, be sure to take some screenshots and show us how you're using it in our Forums.

A few warnings about the Portal Gun:

- Because it does use a powered-off redstone torch, it is possible to place them - if you do this, it's your fault, you'll need to buy a new one. Make sure you stand far enough away from your walls so as not to place them.
- Because Portals are made out of wool, they can catch fire (but will not be destroyed) - don't kill yourself thinking it's invincible.
- If you drop your Portal Gun into lava, tough luck. You'll need to buy a new one.

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