Hi I guess? -Lord_Dust_Bunnny

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Hi I guess? -Lord_Dust_Bunnny

Post by Lord_Dust_Bunny on Mon Dec 26, 2011 11:58 am

Well, ummmmmmm. Let me start off with something other than inane ramblings. Yeah, that'll be better...

I'm a 14 year old guy, and live in Texas. And I like dragons. And Birch trees. And jumping off large cliffs to land in water. I mainly like the challenge because it has a kind of feel, where you can see how our tree has grown. It also limits you somewhat, since it requires you to always be by your tree, making it fun to advance your tree. In Minecraft, so far I've built several shroom islands to make a custom map, created a spawner gauntlet of fear, created three world trees, made a palace, and completed several of Vech's maps. Now I believe my ramblings are done, since the moderators probably don't want to read my post any longer than necessary XD

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