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Application for the server

Post by Wyvern709 on Mon Jan 02, 2012 1:11 pm

Hello ladies and gentlemen! This is my first ever public server application, so you'll have to cut me some slack. I came here because I loved the Tree Spirit Challenge in single player, and found that I would probably enjoy becoming a member of a community dedicated to it, to share my experiences!

My in-game name is 'Wyvern709', I'll be on from time to time, and I'm the kind of player you can just come and say hi to, so feel free if I'm accepted! Very Happy

My play style varies completely, sometimes I build, sometimes I mine, sometimes I just enjoy my adventure. I don't take my items too seriously and prefer the idea of a community, so I'll probably have a community chest/shop going if I got on and when I got settled.

I've been playing minecraft since early Alpha, so I know my way around and how to do a majority of things; I don't see this as a status though. I prefer to help newer players than 'hate on the beta' as we see a lot in the community now-a-days.

So yeah, I hope you're happy to have me and I'm looking forward to playing with you all! Very Happy

EDIT: Can't post my co-ords, my lag spikes obscure them.


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