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Leader of cieragomares gracookie has joined

Post by gracookie on Sat Jan 28, 2012 9:15 pm

Hi there! I'm gracookie. I love nature in real life, so I was happy when I found out about the tree spirit challenge. As you can see in the title, I have made creatures called cieragomares. Because of the challenge, I made a race of them called "Tree Spirits". That shows how much I loved the tree spirit challenge, no? I love dragons, wolves, cats, and chickens (don't ask. I don't know myself.) I'm not 100% emo, nor am I flowing with happiness. Just kinda neutral do to the fact I am lonely, but I refuse to let just anybody enter my circle of friendship. No, you can't befriend me in a snap. I prefer playing with you at least 5 minutes. I'm quite clueless though, so if I go "Eh?" or something, it's just me being me so don't flame at me. If you do flame I won't see daylight ever again. But, who knows. Meet me in a game and I'll show you how I can act!

(Phew that was alot of typing...I can do more. Very Happy)


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