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PvP arena idea Empty PvP arena idea

Post by 2012Dead on Sat Apr 07, 2012 9:44 am

I have an idea on how the PvP system arena thing would work.

The arena would be large- possibly 100x100 or something. It would also have ores and caves underneath ground level, terrain, grass, and other natural obstacles. Each player would start on one side, so the arena could support 4 players total. The 4 players start on their own type of tree. Then, the normal treespirit challenge rules apply. You can't leave logs, etc. PvP would also be enabled. If a person were to die, they would spawn on their heartlog. /back would not be allowed. (Not sure if this is a good idea.) The goal would be to eliminate the other players' heart logs and protect your own. Lava and fire spread would be turned on.

Oh, and that part of the server would be on hard mode.

Thoughts? =D


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PvP arena idea Empty Re: PvP arena idea

Post by Rysiion on Sat Apr 07, 2012 3:42 pm

So the tree spirit challenge meets The Hunger Games? Very Happy Sounds amazing!

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